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3/6 タイニーのこと [思うこと]

This is my pet dog named Tiny.


He is 9 years old. My family loves him very much!

He has had chest trouble since 3 or 4 years old. He has to take tablet every day when he has a meal.

Last year, his physical condition was not good. But recently he has been in good health.

A veterinary surgeon has said that he has been in good health gradually.

Tiny is very happy when I come back home. He run toward me with wagging his tail every time.

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3/2 もうすぐ健康診断 [思うこと]

Yesterday, I reserved the medical examination in the hospital. [病院]

I have to have it on March 12.

Every year, I have to have a medical examination once by the school regulations.

I've lived an irregular life every day. I stay up late without meaning to......

Maybe I'm in good health, but for 2 weeks until a medical examination I want to take care of my health a little.
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6/30 80%回復 [思うこと]

For 7days, I've had a bad cold. From yesterday, I gradually have gotten over it.

From this morning, I almost have been in good health.

For last 7days, I had felt so heavy.

I had a fever. 37.5~38.2℃......

I supposed that this sick came from my lack of sleep.

Every day, recently it had been very hot, so I couldn't sleep very well.

My pet dog Tiny have been limp with fatigue too because it had been very hot.
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1/7 目標 [思うこと]

Last year, I was so busy. But I lived a full life.

This year, I want to go London again preferably.

Last year, on Feb, I went to London to participate in a seminar. It was very fun and good lesson of English for me.

Probably I'll go to Wakayama at least 3 times to study in this year.

I want to write 5 thesis in this year. And I'll work out a detailed plan for my dissertation.
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10/14 彩雲、見たい! [思うこと]

Do you know Sai-Un(彩雲)? They say Cloud iridescence in English.

It's the phenomenon that clouds are colored by sun. It's like a rainbow.

I want to watch it very much. I watched Sai-Un on a certain TV program.

I was so moved.

In autumn, if we have a luck, we can see it in Japan, Tokyo.

This is not Sai-Un, but like this.↓
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7/29 一生書き続ける… [思うこと]

I completed 2 theses yesterday.

One is the thesis to contribute to a school academic magazine and the other is the thesis which I read at academic meeting.

But I'll write one thesis till September.

To write a thesis, I have to read many books and theses. It's so hard.

So, when I finish writing one thesis, I'm very tired and absent-minded.

When I finish writing one thesis, I think that I can't write better one than this one.

But, I have to continue to write to the end of my life.

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7/9 これが自分の道 [思うこと]

I have a cold. Every this season, I always have a cold.

Maybe, I have been tired.

Writing thesis, a presentation, a meeting, a lecture, and so on......

I have written short essay every month since last September.

This essay is a serial in 60 installments. In short, I have to write one essay every month for 5 years.

But, I have no time! I have to do any other things. For example, I have to write a doctoral dissertation.

And in this year, I'll publish 2 books. Moreover, in this winter, I lecture at a college.

I'm so busy but so happy. Because I think my job is my vocation.

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7/2 蝉の声 [思うこと]

Today, I heard the chirp of a cicada.

It was first time to hear it in this summer.

It's so first to past the time.

This year has passed 6 months......

I think one thesis in this month. About 15,000 words.

But in this month, I have many schedules.

Help me[あせあせ(飛び散る汗)]
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4/2 強風 [思うこと]

Recently, the wind is very strong. I worry about whether cherry blossoms scatter.

I plan the day after tomorrow; I'll go to see cherry blossoms at Rikugien and Shinjyuku-gyoen.

By the way, I wrote essay to hand in a publisher today. Every month, I have to write a short essay about 1,600 words.

I contracted to the publisher that I write 60 times; 5 years. 5 years......! But, if I finished 60 times, the essays will be made a book by the publisher. So, I want to work hard decisively.

My essay was finished 8 times in April.

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2/3 もう少しでロンドン [思うこと]

Recently, I study English conversation at school every day.

Gradually, I can listen to English speech at natural speed.

February 17, I'll go to London. I'm very excited now!

I've been to London once. I thought the city was very nice and useful.

There are a lot of subway lines like Tokyo.

Of course, because I’ll go there for my business, I feel nervous a little, but I think I'm lucky to get a chance of going to London.

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