4/8 お花見 [日記]

〈April 8〉

I went to Shinjyuku-Gyoen to see cherry blossoms with my girl friend.

A flower viewing is our established custom at Shinjyuku-gyoen on April.

It was fine day, so there were many people.

The cherry trees had not in full bloom yet.


We next went to Chidoriga-Buch at night.

They were in full bloom and were illuminated, so they were beautiful very much!

They were so beautiful that I felt mysterious a little.

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4/1 インカ帝国展 [日記]

〈April 1〉

I went to Ueno science museum to see an exhibition: The Inca Empire.

I was excited very much! There were many rare valuables. Especially, mummies were amazing! But my girl friend couldn't see that because she is timid.

The 3D theater was the best part of the exhibition. Machu Picchu's a dynamic moving image was showed.

The exhibition was closed at 5 pm. It was so early. So we couldn't see it enough.....

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