3/29 精密検査 [日記]

I went to a hospital to have a complete liver check-up.[病院]

To tell the truth, the result of a medical examination that I have had some days ago was not good......[もうやだ~(悲しい顔)]

The decision was rank E. So to speak, something abnormal showed up on the X-rays.

I was so nervous. I thought that maybe I had a cancer of the liver.

I had a CT scanner test. It was first time for me to have it.

A result was......not bad. "No problem!" the doctor said. I was very relieved.[わーい(嬉しい顔)]

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3/24 披露宴 [日記]

〈March 24〉

I went to Ibaraki prefecture to participate in a wedding ceremony of my friend.

When I arrived at a chapel, it rained a little. But by the start of a ceremony, it had been good weather.

We, the gests of a ceremony, sent up many balloons to celebrate the bride and the groom.


We had a dinner, talked with them, and took photos.

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3/14 ホワイトデー [日記]

〈March 14〉[イベント]

March 14 was White day. White day is a unique event in Japan. I've heard that this event is held in Korea, Taiwan and a part of China. We give presents for our girlfriend at this day.

I presented some sweets and a photo album for my girl friend.

We went to many places, for example Okinawa in summer, Kobe in winter. We took photos every time we traveled. So, there were a lot of photos. I directed these photos and made a photo book.

She was overjoyed to get this. I was happy too[るんるん]

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3/12 人間ドック [日記]

〈March 12〉

I had a complete physical examination on March 12.

I arrived at a hospital at 13:30. I was nervous a little because it was long time for me to have a physical examination.

At first, I took the lung X-ray. Next I took a blood sample.

The hardest examination was a stomach one. I took a barium meal. It tasted awful.[あせあせ(飛び散る汗)]
I was turned on the bed again and again, and took X-ray.

The examination took about 3 hours. I was tired very much.

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3/10 11 彼女が遊びにきた [日記]

March 10, my girl friend came to my house.

She came to my house last summer.

When she arrived, my pet dog Tiny run toward her with wagging his tail.

Tiny remembered her certainly. He was very happy. His eyes were sparkling.


My girl friend and I looked my old albums, watched TV, and played with Tiny.

Next day, we went to SANRIO PUROLAND at Tama Center.

This place is near my house, but I haven't visited ever.

It was first time for me, but for her it was twice. She came here when she was a child.

There were many children.

The parade was nice!![ぴかぴか(新しい)]

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3/9 久しぶりにプラネタリウム [日記]

Today, I went to a planetarium at Ikebukuro with my girl friend.[ぴかぴか(新しい)]

It was a long time that I went to a planetarium.

When I was a child, I like stars and constellations. But I have lost my interest gradually about those as I grow up.

The program of a planetarium was Stars and Auroras.

It was very beautiful. I was cured very much.

By the way, I heard that we can see annular a solar eclipse on May 21.[満月]
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3/8 A Beautiful Mind [映画]

I watched A Beautiful Mind featuring Russel Crowe.[映画]

This is a story of John Nash, a mathematician.

He was a genius but had schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia......this disease is very mysterious one. So to speak; only human has this disease and other animals doesn’t have ever.

Schizophrenic person often have hallucinations or auditory hallucinations.

Nash suffered from these too. But he had overcome it gradually and won a Nobel Prize finally.

I study schizophrenia at university now, so this movie was good lesson for me.

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3/6 タイニーのこと [思うこと]

This is my pet dog named Tiny.


He is 9 years old. My family loves him very much!

He has had chest trouble since 3 or 4 years old. He has to take tablet every day when he has a meal.

Last year, his physical condition was not good. But recently he has been in good health.

A veterinary surgeon has said that he has been in good health gradually.

Tiny is very happy when I come back home. He run toward me with wagging his tail every time.

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3/5 講演会を聞きに [日記]

I went to a library at Chiyoda Ward, because I listened to a certain lecture.

A lecture started at 18:30 and ended at 20:00.

It was interesting for me because a theme of the lecture was that related matters of my study.

It was a good lesson for me.[ぴかぴか(新しい)]

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3/4 アジアンビュッフェ [日記]

Today, I went to Yuraku-cho with my girlfriend, and had a lunch.[レストラン]

We went to eat to Asian restaurant, a lunch buffet style.

It was delicious! We ate too much.

A carry, nasi goreng, spring roll, spicy chicken and so on.


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