2/27 母の誕生日 [日記]

February 27 was my mother's birthday.

I presented coffee cup for her. It was Wedge Wood's one.

She was surprised and happy very much!

My mother, father and I went to eat lunch.

We ate at Keio Plaza Hotel.
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2/9~12 和歌山出張 [日記]

From February 9 to 12, I went to Kii-Tanabe of Wakayama prefecture to study and to attend a lecture.

It takes about 5 hours to arrive there by train.[新幹線]

I've written a new thesis now. So I wrote it in the train. And during my stay in Kii-Tanabe, I continued to write it, so I completed it nearly.

I went to Toukei shrine on February 11. It's very famous shrine here. I prayed that my dissertation will pass smoothly and my girlfriend's little sister will pass the entrance examination to a university.

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